tisdag 3 september 2013

Three Week Sprint Starts Now

First out is cleaning up. Valgrind needs patching up to build & run on latest Ubuntu. Translators from customized memcheck format needs updating for the new format I switched to. The translators themselves need to be cleaned up and renamed.

It became a great mess because I had to do partial processing due to lack of available RAM and not being on a 64-bit system. And reinstalling my main computer's OS wasn't something I wanted to do. (Processing the 8Gb Opera allocation memtrace (output of instrumentation of access/malloc/free into memcheck) turned out to require loads of RAM. Luckily, I now have access to a 64-bit system with lots of RAM for such tasks.)

Remainder of today's goals is to fix histogram generation. There are two different versions: one that works but is slow, and one that is faster but does not yield the same results. It is possible I discard the optimized version now that I have a quicker system to run the emulations on. After that, I'm back to a state where I can automatically regenerate all plots and graphs from a memtrace run.

Work so far is pushed to the repository as https://github.com/mikaelj/rmalloc/commit/ab98b32ce9a2a67cf21e51b62b352fc7a08d2d7e

Checking out after 8h15m,

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