måndag 13 februari 2012

w7d7: Free list became free block slot array

Bunch of commits relating to the free list. Since the top-most block can be locked, there has to be a fallback.  That's handled with a buddy-style slot array with free lists of the corresponding size.  Too large blocks (via merging) are moved to the correct location by alloc(), but could in theory be handled completely by the compactor. Benchmark task!

commit 5d1f7237d0d8e800007be6b2960bb8c3cf33c01c
Author: Mikael Jansson <mail@mikael.jansson.be>
Date:   Fri Feb 10 18:33:57 2012 +0100
Replaced g_free_list with g_free_block_slots
Blocks are now stored in linked list indexed by log2(size) where blocks of 2^k - 2^(k+1) bytes can be found.
There can also exist larger blocks than 2^(k+1), in which case they must be moved (by alloc()) to the appropriate slot immediately. Then, continue with the next item in list.

commit 1992d2d09ad3b4647d17ff93afb34b2b7908f140
Author: Mikael Jansson <mail@mikael.jansson.be>
Date:   Sun Feb 12 12:51:49 2012 +0100
* move too large objects out of the way
* if no other blocks found, use what we did find: shrink, insert rest, return block.
commit c5921bc442996f1e522a9c5aaf7794aa801bd7c2
Author: Mikael Jansson <mail@mikael.jansson.be>
Date:   Sun Feb 12 16:01:50 2012 +0100

* new shrink layout [rest|block] instead of [block|rest] to avoid aliasing by code referring to block.

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